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Horst Wackerbarth

Der Fotograf Horst Wackerbarth, auf der Ringstraße 1 in der Nähe des Eissees




Horst Wackerbarth collects people. He collects fates.

For over a quarter of a century he has been travelling around the world with his red couch, which he places in a variety of peoples’ living environments and portrays them on it; young and old, poor and rich, famous and unknown, Nobel laureates and illiterates in the ice deserts of Alaska and the rainforests of South America, in the big cities of Europe and the villages of Siberia.

The aim is to create a work of portrays a gallery of humanity. The red couch is a common element, recurrent theme, stage, throne and communication platform all in one.

The red couch puts all people on a par!

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Analog versus Digital

View camera Sinar versus medium format Mamiya

On 14th of March we tested the anlogue SinarP-Camera 8by10 against the digital Mamiya/Leafback Credo 80 under realistic production conditions.

The location was the cultural world heritage „Zeche Zollverein“ in Essen, Germany.

In the past pieces were shot on 8 by 10 negative film. The result were high quality prints even in large sizes up to 2 by 3 meters with lots of information in detail.

But film and processing is getting rare and more and more expansive.

In the next step we will have printed a sample from each camera-system and present it on this website.


© Judith Büthe

Due to an injury (spine fracture) 2014 was a slow year artistically. Feeling better now, new projects arise...


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